Myths about Borders and the Reconciliation Moment


This article deals with the relevant historical and political myths, especially myths about borders, firstly regarding the nationalistic movements within the FPRY/SFRY (including political emigration myths), and the myths and counter-myths concerning the new states created in the 1990s. Methodologically, this article emphasizes the dynamics of these myths and observes them in their continuous interaction. Thus, as opposed to the architects and engineers of these myths who see these myths as “natural” and “eternal”, as
well as freed from “artificial creation”, this article places the emphasis on the artificial, or constructed, character of myths about borders and states, both Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav, as well as on their changes, dynamics and interaction. The text covers the period from World War II until the present day. Also, article is seeking for the political solution how to deal with myths and placing it in political context of apology and reconciliation in the Former Yugoslav Territories same as breaking the veil of secrecy in the Former Yugoslav Territories.

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