Northern Macedonia in the context of regional security


The article deals with the concept of regional security on the example of North Macedonia, with special reference on the relation between the Albanian national minority and the Macedonian majority. In that sense, there is a brief overview of their relations since the dissolution of Yugoslavia.
The background of the 2001 conflict between the Albanian Paramilitary National Liberation Army and the Macedonian police, which was completed in the same year by a historic Ohrid agreement, will be briefly explained. The adoption of the agreement, which promoted the rights of minority ethnic communities in Macedonia, was considered by the rare political success of the international community in Southeast Europe. However, opinions whether it contributed to the building of a multiethnic state were divided. In this regard, the article deals with the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, and the analysis of isolated political developments in Macedonia since 2001 seeks to point out that, despite significant progress, the Ohrid Agreement has not been fully implemented because interethnic tensions and the risk of instability are still remain. Finally, the article suggests that there is continuity of isolated cases in Macedonia that still generates security implications for regional security

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