Editor’s Note

Dear readers, a new issue of our journal has been published.

In this issue we bring you four research articles and three book reviews. Luka Jović, Erik Brezovec and Andreja Sršen explores to which extent political programs are relevant to voter preferences in the local elections in Zaprešić. Marijana Musladin analyze the concept of regional security on the example of North Macedonia, with special reference on the relation between the Albanian national minority and the Macedonian majority. Ivana Vrhovski and Boris Horvat identify personal talents from Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 questionnaire which occur most frequently among teachers at VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, and compare them by gender, department and involvement in management processes. Mirela Holy presents the case study of Oraclum Intelligence Systems successful and very accurate prediction of Brexit result as well as Trump’s victory, answers how OIS used big data in research and why its research methods were successful.

Davor Pauković editor-in-chief

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