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Dear readers, a new issue of our journal has been published

In accordance with the policy of the journal, we continue with an exclusive focus on South Eastern Europe. In this issue we bring you five research articles and two book reviews. Mirela Holy analyzes in what extent have Croatian professional and scientific articles from the field of social sciences and humanities processed integration, globalization and multiculturalism and their interrelationships. Marija Slijepčević i Sanja Fligić examine presence of interpretative frames in the migrant crisis media coverage in Croatia, on a sample of 702 articles from four Croatian media. Anđelka Raguž, Sebastijan Ivasović i Ema Kukolić analyze media coverage based on a referendum on the constitutional definition of marriage. Maja Kolega examines the theoretical model of social entrepreneurial intent on a sample of 786 students, out of which 384 students are undertaking entrepreneurial and 402 psychosocial studies. Nikola Buković analyzes the characteristics, differences and potential of policytransfer from Austrian to Croatian skill-formation system.

Davor Pauković editor-in-chief

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