A Speculative Approach to the Institutions of the International Society


The English School of International Relations represents an infinite source for the ongoing research of the “international society” concept. The paper speculatively examines three international society institutions: war, balance of power and international law; in order to indicate contemporary “scientific” (mostly realist) limitations to the terminological understanding of the international society concept. The goal of the article is to highlight the existence of specific universal principles that represent a unique culture of international society, presently better known as the “global” society. In the first part, the article discusses the institution of war, and the contrast between contemporary realist and traditional perception of the institution. The second part discusses the balance of power institution, namely the traditional approach to its superior vertical and inferior horizontal principles. The third part examines the institution of international law, which draws its essence from the universal principles of natural law tradition. By applying a numerical analogy, the article indicates the importance of universal principles as essential for understanding of the contemporary meaning of the above mentioned institutions.

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