Feminism and Democracy: Are There Women behind Women Representatives?

The article examines demands for gender parity in political representation and the ways in which they respond to the frequent charges of essentialism implicit to such demands. The first part addresses arguments that have tried to avoid evoking the difference between men and women by simply appealing to justice between sexes.

The Contribution of Ruling Bosnian and Herzegovinian Political Parties to the Outbreak of War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to the essential part of its constitutional makeup (1974 Constitution) the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (B-H) was defined as an entity of three constitutional, sovereign and mutually equal peoples: Croats, Serbs and Muslims (Bosniaks). Such a political and legal model was meant to ensure full protection of national interests of all three peoples...

The Political Dimension of Counterinsurgency Operations: A Comparison of Two Counterinsurgency Operations in Afghanistan

The USSR intervention in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989 and the current Allied US-led intervention in the same country have many different characteristics but also a lot of common features. The causes and the final goals for setting them in motion differ as much as their initial approaches but with the passage of time they have both grown into counterinsurgency operations.