Understanding Female College Students’ Mind-set towards Television Advertising in Pakistan

Purpose: This study examined the consequences and impact that television advertising has upon the general attitude of female college students towards television advertising in Pakistan. The data was collected from randomly selected 299 female college students. Methods: The respondents from five metropolitan cities like Peshawar, Islamabad,Rawalpindi, Quetta and Karachi were asked to answer a self-administered questionnaire.

The Discourse on the “Crisis of the Health Care System” and the New Governance Model of Health Care in Quebec

During the last decade, public discourse on the “crisis of the health care system” in Quebec and Canada soared to the extent that the crisis has come to be seen by many Quebeckers and Canadians as an enduring feature of their health care sector...

The Decline of Trust in Post-communist Societies: The Case of Bulgaria and Russia

After the fall of communism in Bulgaria and Russia, the form of underground communities still remained in the collective consciousness, as people became even more secluded around their tight circles of family and friends. The family bonds became the new cradle of trust that might have resulted in the low levels of bridging and out-group trust. Trust toward government institutions and formal organisations have dramatically declined...

International Community Polity Proposal for Bosnia and Herzegovina according to Cutileiro’s Plan (March 18, 1992)

During the final phase of the breakup of Yugoslavia, in circumstances which have led to independence of its republics and were largely characterised by Serbian hegemonic aggression towards Croatia, a final chrystallisation of political goals of the three Bosnian-Herzegovinian ethnicites. By the end of 1991, Serbs agree to the creation of a Serbian political entity on two thirds of Bosnian-Herzegovinian territory with a possibility of merging with Serbia...

The Electoral System of Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Short Review of Political Matter and/or Technical Perplexion

The Dayton Proximity Talks were held in the Wright - Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, USA from 1-21 November 1995. They resulted with the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (e.g. Dayton Peace Accords, Dayton Peace Agreement) that was signed by the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and witnessed by USA, UK, Germany...

Coordination between the regulation of public limited liability companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Council Regulation on the Statute for an European company in the light of amendments of national legislation on companies

With the goal of successfully integrating into the internal EU market in mind, by becoming a signatory of Stabilisation and Association Agreement on June 16, 2009, Bosnia and Herzegovina took on the responsibility of undertaking prescribed measures to enable a functional market economy to take roots by establishing a single economic space based on four freedoms of movement.

The International Community and Future Scenarios for Bosnia and Herzegovina

This conference paper, presented at Panel 3 “The future role of the International Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina” as part of the international conference “Bosnia & Herzegovina - a Road towards Stabilization, Prosperity and European Integration“ organised by the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs and held on November 5-6, 2009 in Budapest, Hungary,