Davutoğlu: Thinking Depth and Global Political Activism as New Grand Strategy


This paper is an analytical synopsis of Ahmet Davutoğlu’s pro-civilizational
activism, an essay on this globally recognized diplomat and expert in the field
of international relations, history of political thought and political philosophy.
Davutoğlu is an author of the strategic doctrine of new Turkey as global actor
with neo-Ottomanist Geist. It shows his multidimensional approach to civilizations and their world views (Weltanschauung), to their truth perceptions and cultural other/otherness, as well as his diplomatic discourse that generates security, peace and democracy that made him one of the main initiators of the Alliance of Civilizations in an era of Huntingtonian macro-conflictualism as new global disorder. This article focuses on non-rational differentiation in the West and the rest in the era of post-modern “international sprint”, when the world is transformed into a global village and when the only solution is in finding common values, a social philosophy that ties different culturological perspectives. In this context, Davutoğlu’s geopolitical doctrine is based on principles of security for all, dialogue, economic (inter)dependence and cultural coexistence and pluralism, which can especially help the Balkans area to avoid being a field of
post-Ottoman historical tragedies.

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