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Oraclum Intelligence Systems Case Study: Usage of Big Data in the Political Elections Prediction :: [>>>]
Holy, Mirela
Oraclum Intelligence Systems (OIS) is a company that uses data from social media and analyses this information toward prediction of election outcomes. The company has successfully predicted the outcomes of Brexit and the USA presidential elections. Precisely, the company analysts correctly predicted almost all swing states (Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio), and even predicted that Hillary Clinton could get more votes but would lose the Electoral College vote. This paper presents the case study of OIS successful and very accurate prediction of Brexit result as well as Trump’s victory, answers how OIS used big data in research and why its research methods were successful. Considering the recent disclosure of Cambridge Analytica’s big data misuse, the paper also focuses on the protection from similar misuses, particularly in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entry into force.
keywords: big data  election prediction  Trump  Clinton  Brexit  GDPR